Nadia Powell – Treasurer

A rolling stone…

My story starts in Uccle, Belgium, born to European parents who were children during World War II.  My parents knew they wanted a better life and more opportunity for their family, and they were willing to go out into the world to get it!  They set their sights on the United States and set in motion for me what can only be described as the most amazing life one could ever hope to live.  My adventure and life experiences continued to roll after moving to the U.S – Saudi Arabia, Korea, Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, California, New Mexico, Texas, and those are just the places I was fortunate enough to live.  I have visited countless other states and countries, all of them with their own flavor for living, eating and drinking.  

Moving around brings a different perspective to life and has had a profound influence on how I chose to live.  Friends, family and supporting the communities I live in are central to the purposeful path I have chosen.  There is much abundance in this world, and much need – being a part of the bridging strategy that brings those to extremes together is how I chose to make a difference. 

I like Oprah Winfrey’s column “What I know for sure”.  It guides me to think about the foundation of other thoughts…what do I know for sure?  I know that good food and drink can bond people in experiences, I know that being available to help those journeying with you through this life is key to the success of all.  So, when the opportunity came to combine these things that “I know for sure” I jumped in!  Being a part of Big Rob’s Charity, to think grand thoughts, create adventures through experiences all with a foundation of charitable giving, keeps my stone moving and my soul restored.

You are family.  Come dine with us and help change lives one sip and simmer at a time.

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