Isabel Garcia – Board Member

Upon entering the University of Central Missouri, I remember calling my dad and asking “what did you do to me”?  "All the guys here want to be my best friend because I can drink bourbon, drink IPA beer, eat medium rare steak and I know the names of every player of the St. Louis Blues Hockey team. I can’t get a date.” He then assured me that they all want to date me, but they are intimidated by me because they have never met a girl like me. Okay dad, you were right!  

My parents moved to Missouri from Albuquerque when I was in 3rd grade and I grew up in a lake and golf course community. My dad taught me to play golf and soccer, while my mom taught me how to fish, camp and swim. Missouri was great! In the summer when it was a hundred degrees, I made my little brother mow the grass and in the winter he’d shovel the snow. Don’t be too sad for him, because he is now proudly serving in the Infantry of the United States Marine Corps and I’d like to think I had something to do with that.

Today I work as a business development  coordinator for a Law Firm In Kansas City, Missouri. On the ground floor of the building where I work is an amazing cocktail establishment called the Monarch Bar. My Dad had a cocktail called the East India Trading Company and he claims it is the single greatest cocktail he has ever had. Cheers everyone.

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