Our Story

The Story

Big Rob’s Charity was formed to provide support for nonprofit organizations supporting Women’s Crisis Centers and children with Down syndrome.  Very often women show up at crisis centers with only their children and the clothes on their back.   Many women in crisis do not have access to money having had no control over household finances, so buying food and essential toiletries become a major challenge.  Our goal is to provide a monthly revenue stream that can help support these women in need and to support a self-sustainable lifestyle where they maintain control of their own finances.

Children with Down syndrome demonstrate a beautiful quality of unconditional love.  Their condition

places no limits on their ability to love, feel joy and excitement.  Our goal is to provide a monthly revenue stream to enrich their experiences with the world around them.  We will give to organizations that help develop motor skills, speech and language, and social skills.  Additionally, we want to create awareness among the general population about how these beautiful children are to be treasured, accepted and shown kindness.

Big Rob’s Charity makes its donors one single promise: 

100% of every dollar that is donated through our website will always go directly to the charities we support.  No donations will ever be used for operating expenses. We will also do our due diligence to ensure the charities we support are also excellent stewards of the money we give them. 

The team

Our charity is made up of individuals already serving on multiple nonprofit charities and we all have a passion to help those in need.   We have a three-phase plan in which we will endeavor to create a charity that will  support our causes throughout every state in the country.  Our journey will be fruitful, remarkable, and most of all, meaningful.

Big Rob's Charity is making a difference

 – please help us to continue our work by donating today.